Fling.com review



A Dating Website for Hot Flings and Casual Hookups

As the name would suggest, Fling is a website dedicated to hookups and casual dates. You get to meet millions of people who are searching for the same thing as you! The website is very diverse when considering the ethnicity, sexual preference and age of the members. You are given advanced search options and many other features to enjoy as you scroll through all the hotties and handsome hunks on Fling.com. This is a casual dating website where men and women of all sexual orientations and races can create a profile and search for different types of casual hookups or flings.

Meet Singles and Couples from All over the World

The site was created in 2006, and has become one of the best free casual dating websites out there. There is a high chance that you have already heard about Flings.com, and if that is not the case, you are in for a treat. There are over 3 million registered users on Fling.com from all around the globe, but the majority of their users are from Australia, the USA and Russia. You should start by registering and filling out your personal profile. Members who are looking for hookups and one-night stands are bound to have a blast here. But, the majority of the good browsing options are going to cost you, so keep that in mind. Almost everything is allowed on Fling.com, as long as you are not pestering anyone, go nuts.

Bottom Line

By creating your own profile and sharing the information of who or what you are looking for, you are bound to get more proper matches with random users of Fling.com. However, these features will cost you, because while browsing on Fling is free, everything else is not. There are also a lot more men registered, than women. You can find all sexualities, and the profiles are also very random. You have people who enjoy posting their selfies, others will share their lovemaking videos instead. It all comes down to the user you choose to check out, and you can find strangers of all kinds of sexual orientations and experiences!